World Odisha Society elects New Office Bearers Kishore Dwibedi elected Chairman, Dr. Nalini Pati and Rupa Dash Vice – Chairmen

LosAngeles/Dubai/Moscow/London/Amsterdam/Singapore/Canberra/Auckland/Ahmedabad/New Delhi/Kolkata/Bhubaneswar, Dt:11.10.: New Office Bearers of World Odisha Society (WOS) have been elected recently in an online voting system. Senior Journalist Kishore Dwibedi unanimously elected as the Chairman of this apex association of Worldwide Odias Diaspora. President of Australian Odia Samaj Dr. Nalini Pati and Chairman of World Woman Foundation Rupa Dash got elected unopposed as Two Vice Chairmen of WOS. General Secretary of U.K. Odisha Samaj Siba Ranjan Biswal will be the New Secretary General of WOS. Saswat Padhi from Amsterdam and Dr. Sitanshu Sekhar Nanda from Seoul will be two Joint Secretary Generals. President of Russian Odia Samaj Santosh Mishra got elected as the First International Convenor of WOS. The Newly formed Five Members Presidium include Amiya Mishra from UAE, Pradeep Rath from Abu Dhabi, Deepak Das from Ghana, Debarshi Mallick from Indonesia and Badri Mohapatra from Ahmedabad. Akshay Mohanty from USA and Banojini Nayak from Singapore got elected as International Co –ordinator and Joint Co – ordinator respectively. Kolkata based Pradeep Mohapatra and Laxmi Narayan Mishra from Bengaluru would be WOS’s National Co – ordinator and Joint National Co – ordinator respectively. While Sushant Panda from Bhubaneswar got elected as Treasurer, Siddharth Das from Abu Dhabi would be the New Joint Treasurer of WOS. New Delhi based noted C.A. Sudhir Dash would be WOS’s New Auditor. The Newly elected office Bearers will hold their official positions for a term of three years.

New Delhi based Gajendra Sahoo would be New General Secretary in charge of Organisation and Abhilash Nanda from Rwanda and Prem Nepak from Newzealand would be two Joint General Secretaries to support him. Internationally renowned Neuro Surgeon Dr. Pratap Pani would be the General Secretary, Wellness of WOS. Dr. Ashok Chowdhury from New Delhi and Dr. Snigdha Mishra from Malaysia would be Joint General Secretaries of Wellness.

The followings would be the other office Bearers of WOS. Dr. Rabi Narayan Behera (Bhubaneswar) General Secreatry, IT, Jeevan Kanungo (USA) and Asutosh Das (Bengaluru) Joint General Secretaries, IT. Krupanidhi Biswal (Mumbai) General Secretary PR & Protocol, Pritam Nayak (New Delhi) and Suchismita Prusti (Bhubaneswar) Joint General Secretaries PR & Protocol. Kaveri Behera (New Delhi) General Secretary, Culture, Sulipta Tripathy (Australia) and Dr. Bhagyashree Singh (U.K.) Joint General Secretaries, Culture. Pabitra Maharatha (Bhubaneswar) General Secretary Mother Tongue Promotion, Tushar Mishra ( Kuwait) and Binay Pattanayak (Ranchi) Joint General Secretaries, Mother Tongue Promotion. Ram Krishna Dash (Bhubaneswar) General Secretary ECO, Madhusudan Mishra (Puri) and B.B.Gadnayak (Rwanda) Joint General Secretaries, ECO, Prashanta Bhuyan (Canada) General Secretary, Cuisine, Pushpanjali Barik (New Delhi) and Mitasmita Jena Bal (Chennai) Joint General Secretaries, Cuisine. Akshay Patra (Switzerland) General Secretary Brand Promotion, Sudipta Patnaik (Bhubaneswar) and Sanjay Das (Hyderabad) Joint General Secretaries, Brand Promotion. Dr. Jayashree Nanda (U.K.) General Secretary, Spiritual, Ramchandra BadaPanda (Puri) and Dr. Sagar Ranjan Tripathy ( Berhampur) Joint General Secretaries, Spiritual.

Editor of Sree Sahitya Krushna Nayak would be the New Chief Media  Co – ordinator of WOS. Senior Journalist from New Delhi Prabhati Nayak and Dubai based Sudhashree Dash would be two Joint Media Co – ordinators. Director of Ambedkar Foundation Dr Debendra Majhi would be WOS’s Chief Spokesperson. Other Five Members of Spokesperson Team include Kunna Dash from Japan, Sasmita Tripathy from New Delhi, Sanjeev Patnaik from Chennai, Jayashree Mohapatra and Manoj Nayak from Bhubaneswar.

Kolkata based veteran Literateur Pitambar Barik would be the Editor of Publication wing of WOS. The four members Associate Editors would be Dr. Tanmay Panda from Canada, Dr. Anita Panda from New Delhi, Dr. Suniti Mund and Jitu Mishra from Bhubhaneswar. Leading Legal luminaries like Sibashankar Mishra from New Delhi, Ajit Patra from Koraput and Prasanta Kumar Sahoo from Bhubaneswar would be legal advisers of WOS.  Canada Based Dr. Sunanda Mishra Panda would be the President of WOS’s Women Wing. The other elected Office Bearers of women’s wing include Dr. Pravati Panigrahi from Australia and Reeta Patra from New Delhi as Vice Presidents, Dr. Chidatmika Khatua from Bhubaneswar as General Secretary and Dr. Sagarika Verma from New Delhi and Seemita Sarangi from Bengaluru as Joint General Secretaries. Youth Icon Ram Prasad Mohanty from Australia would be the Mentor of Youth Wing of WOS. The Youth Team consists of Svetlana Nanda from U.K., Nandan Dwibedi from New Delhi and Amrit Bahinipati from U.A.E. Kaveri Behera will hold additional charge of General Secretary, Office Administration. Banojini Nayak and Dr. Sitansu Sekhar Nanda will also hold additional responsibilities of Joint General Secretaries, Office Administration. Returning Officer Sudhir Dash supervised the smooth conduction of the Poll on digital platform and announced the Result.

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