Online Worldwide Release of Bhagabat Kathamruta

Toronto/Rhodes Island/London/Dublin/Bhubaneswar/Gholpur : The Worldwide online release of Noted Poet and Spiritual practitioner Pandab Charan Das’s Magnum Opus, ‘Bhagabat Kathamruta’ held recently. Published by Toronto based Vidya Publishing Inc, 65 choicest chapters of Shrimad Bhagabat have been incorporated in this Book. 73 years old Writer Shri Das, has attempted to present the amazing Acts and Awesome Aura of Supreme Lord in a Plain, Simple, nice and lucid manner, commented the distinguished Guests. The Guests released the book symbolically by showing it on digital platform. The Two Directors of Vidya publishing Inc Dr. Sunanda Mishra Panda and Dr. Tanmay Panda conducted and co – ordinated the proceedings of the Ceremony in a smooth and seamless order.

Presenting the welcome Address Dr Sunanda Mishra panda underlined that the complete surrender before God after renouncing the instincts of attachment, attraction, greed and vanity forms the basic foundation of Bhagabat Darshan. The sole goal of Vidya Publishing Inc is to establish the uniqueness of Odia language, literature and culture in International arena, explained Dr Tanmay Panda.

Delivering his speech Honourable Guest Dr Prasanna Patsani eulogised the creative excellence of the writer Pandab Charan Das by observing that he has opened a new horizon of Odia Literature with his incisive and extensive writings on mythology, ethos, tradition, religion and Spiritual perceptions.

Famous Literary researcher Dr Pradeep Kumar Mishra pointed out that Bhagabat is the story of sensitisation about the hard truth of death and the real path to salvation. Hence the essence of Bhagabat has to be Omni prevailed, practised, preached and perceived, Dr Mishra added. Addressing the gathering Editor of Kadambini and Kuni Katha Journals, Dr Itirani Samant emphasised on the fact that the true intention of the creation by the creator becomes fruitful, once it reaches and understood by the commoners.

The writer of the Book Pandab Charan Das opined that the entire volumes of the scripture i.e. Bhagabat revolves around only two words Humbleness and arrogance. Adherence to humility by forgoing arrogance paves the way to attain sheer bliss and ultimate salvation, Shri Das mentioned. Educationist Jitendra Kar said that Shri Das’s extraordinary writings helped him to attain International recognition.

Ireland based Writer’s Daughter Sreema Rani Das recited a poem of her father. Dhirendra Kar from USA commented that Bhagabat is the identity of Odia race, literature and pride. The writer’s daughter – in – law Jilu Das exudes confidence that her father – in – law has always been walking in the path of truth, justice and faithfulness. Chandra Mishra from USA, Subas Sahoo from Bahrain, Dharmendra Kar from Mumbai and Pradeep Kumar Sahoo from Bangaluru complemented the Noble endeavours of the Writer and Publishers. Dr Jayashri Nanda from London informed that the job of the BhagabatTungi established by Shree Jagannath Society, U.K. is to ensure the reaching of the sacred messages of the holy Bhagabat at each Odia household.

At the outset Culture Director of KIIT & KISS Dr Abantika Pattnayak chanted the hymns of Veda. The Book release event was organised jointly by the Bhagabat Tungi run by Shree Jagannath Society, U.K. and Toronto based Cansa Cultural Centre. Aksahy Mohanty presented vote of thanks.

Superbly talented vocalist from Mumbai Amrita Bharati and renowned singer from Bhubaneswar Kailash Baishnab enthralled the audiences by their scintillating presentations of devotional songs.

Prominent personalities present include Basant kumar Panda, Dr. Prakash Dey, Sushant kumar Pattu, Dipti Ranjan Nanda, Rosalyn Patasani Mishra, Sushree Mohanty, Subhadra Das, Bharat Bhushan Das and Bibhuti Bbhushan Das. NROs and Devotees of Lord Jagannath in Large Numbers from several Countries witnessed the virtual programme through video conferencing as well as Social Networking sites.

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